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Renovating Ideas for Apartment Master Bedroom

Apartment is a modern home stay that may more affordable to buy than a house. However, an apartment is commonly built in small size. Then, you may find problems in deciding the master bedroom apartment design. 

The main obstacle of apartment master bedroom is the small size. With the correct master bedroom designs ideasyou can turn your small master bedroom into a desirable comfortable bedroom. Read the following renovating ideas for your apartment master bedroom.

Small master bed
Small bed will make your tiny bedroom looks larger. King or queen size bedroom must not be your choice, so pick small double bed for your master bedroom.

Creative colors combination
Theme and colors scheme is important for your master bedroom apartment decorating plan. Combine three colors to create a really nice color combination. In advance, you can combine contrast color, black and white for example, to give distinctive effect of our bedroom.
Effective Furniture usage
                Considering small spaces of your room, too many furniture will make your master bedroom look smaller. You need to put necessary furniture that has basic function, such as cupboard, cabinets and shelves for storage.

Splitting Master Bedroom
The popular concept that knows being applied is the dual master bedroom apartments. By splitting the master bedroom, you can gain enhancement in room privacy. Below are the design concepts for dual master bedroom.

Smart tricks in renovating your master bedroom apartment lead you to a cozy master bedroom. Use collected apartment master bedroom designs pictures as your references.

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